Nexlevel is an approved applicator of two pound sprayed polyurethane foam insulation manufactured by BASF, Icynene, Polyurethane Foam Systems (Lapolla), HTS (Demelic) and half pound foam manufactured by Icynene Canada.  As approved applicators we participate in associated quality control programs required by each individual manufacturer.

Nexlevel offers a wide variety of spray applied products as well as expertise in product selection to suit the varied conditions encountered when building in the southern Ontario climate.  

Spray applied polyurethane foam insulation with a low perm rating eliminates the need for a separate vapour barrier, acts as an air barrier (thereby reducing number of air changes due to infiltration and exfiltration) and provides insulation at a greater R value per inch than fiberglass or mineral wool products. This is all achieved in one application with one product.

On multiple product building envelope systems Nexlevel has the ability to apply a variety of high viscosity (vapour permeable and non-vapour permeable) spray applied air/vapour barrier products.

For new or retrofit construction Nexlevel has the experience, equipment and expertise to provide a solution to your building envelope insulation and air/vapour barrier needs in a competitive, competent and timely manner.  

Let us show you how Nexlevel can add value and become an indispensible part of your next project or maintenance program.  Contact us today for more information.