The need to protect the occupants during a fire event by either providing safe unobstructed means of egress or if escape is not possible an area of refuge is indisputable.  While the fire can be contained by obvious things such as fire rated doors, walls and floor assemblies, smoke can travel through the smallest crack or opening and fill an adjacent rooms and other areas of the building in a matter of minutes jeopardizing both escape from the building or refuge within.

Fire stopping is mandated by municipal, provincial and federal building and fire codes.  Fire stopping may also be mandated by insurance underwriters as a condition of insurability of a property.

Properly installed fire stopping is an essential part of the overall life safety requirements for any building.  To be effective every penetration in a rated wall or floor assembly must be sealed using the proper firestopping assemblies and experienced tradesmen. 

Nexlevel has the reputation, experience and qualifications to provide a complete turnkey solution, including firestopping consultation, annual review, design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance programs.  No matter what your project or building Nexlevel can provide the comprehensive, competent and up to date fire stop installation and management services to meet your needs.

Let us show you how Nexlevel can add value and become an indispensible part of your next project or maintenance program.  Contact us today for more information.

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