Part of the overall strategy to protect occupants/workers and contents/products during a fire, is to ensure that structural integrity of the building or production facility is maintained for the period of time mandated by municipal, provincial and federal building and fire codes.  To achieve this goal it is necessary to provide fire resistant ratings to steel beams, columns, floor decks and assemblies that form the structure of the building or facility. 

Nexlevel, utilizing Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC), Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) or Factory Mutual test designs, have the experience, knowledge and skill required to install a range of spray applied fireproofing products that provide the fire resistance rating dictated by the codes or mandated for insurance purposes.

Nexlevel is certified as a qualified applicator for AD Fireproofing, WR Grace, Isolatek/Cafco, 3M, and Carboline interior and exterior spray applied fireproofing products, be it dry applied fibrous, wet applied cementitious or intumescent paint.

As a life safety component, proper installation of the product to the strict thickness and density requirements of the listed test designs are necessary to ensure code compliance.  In addition to quality of application, production performance is tantamount to the successful completion of a sprayed fireproofing application. 

Nexlevel has an established reputation, in the ICI sector, for both exceptional quality control and compliance with listed test designs, and timely and productive performance during the application of spray applied fire proofing products.

Nexlevel offers application services for new construction and provides building audit and fireproofing compliance repairs and installations for existing buildings and facilities.
Let us show you how Nexlevel can add value and become an indispensible part of your next project or maintenance program.  Contact us today for more information.

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